Happy Burning!

I’ve been Lee Jonghyun-ing all day and I find out that it’s his birthday today (May 15th KST)?! I AM SERIOUSLY ONE HAPPY FAN GIRL. Come spazz with me. ^__^



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[TRADE] Yesung Photocard to Kyu


I recently received my 미인아 (BONAMANA) Album Version A. I’m willing to trade this YESUNG photocard I got to a KYUHYUN PHOTOCARD.

Please leave a message here if you want to get Yesung’s from me! I’ll be waiting! ThanKYU! ^____^

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[MOVIE] Letters to Juliet

What if you had a second chance to find true love?

Here’s Sophie’s reply to Claire’s 50-year old letter to Juliet:

Dear Claire,
‘What’ and ‘if’ are two words as non-threatening as words come. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: ‘What if?’
I don’t know how your story ended.
But I know that if what you felt then was love – true love – then it’s never too late.
If it was true then it why wouldn’t it be true now?
You need only the courage to follow your heart
I don’t know what a love like that feels like…
a love to leave loved ones for, a love to cross oceans for…
but I’d like to believe if I ever felt it.
I’d have the courage to seize it. I hope you had the courage to seize it, Claire.
And if you didn’t, I hope one day that you will.
All my love,

Prolly, THE sweetest romance movie I’ve seen…
What if we saw the A-Team or Knight and Day no? For sure, we wouldn’t walk out of the movie house feeling light, rejuvenated, dreamy, and… “in love”.


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UPDATE: Kyuhyun’s latest hairstyle

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as of May 9, 2010

Good morning, Kyu-baby! Just got out of bed?

You got a huge smile there! Happy and I’m pretty sure you’re having a good time. But to appear for an interview with such an appearance just makes me LOL.

Credit to Onsaemiro Cafe

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규’s part on YG Magazine, April 2010 Issue

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Kyuhyun’s ideal type

I used to like girls with beautiful legs, after that I liked girls with pretty foreheads, now I like girls that care only about me & that are filial~

Maknae Kyuhyun is a great student but a total failure at cooking!
How many people know that Kyuhyun is a Math genius? If it wasn’t for him revealing it in a show, (I) believe that not a lot of people would know that he got a big prize in the Math Olympiad in Korea! According to reports he’s currently studying ‘Post Modern Music’ in university, and it was his diligence before debut that got him into this course! Even though Kyuhyun has high academic qualifications, but he cannot enter the kitchen, simply because he has no cooking skills! Like during the first time when he moved into the dorm, the members requested for him to cook noodles for them. In the end, he added too much water, and ended up being called “Han River noodles” by the members. There was another time when he wanted to eat sausage, so he asked Ryeowook, who’s good at cooking, for some tips. Ryeowook told him to add some oil to grill, but he thought it was sesame oil… From then on, the members forbade Kyuhyun to cook! Even so, he is still the magnae everyone loves dearly! Although they would tease him sometimes, but they also “revere” him a little at times, becase of his sharp tongue, not only that but his few words are all direct & straight to the point! Yeah! Actually Kyuhyun doesn’t remain silent to act cool on purpose, he’s just clear that he’s the maknae, he should let his hyungs speak. But if he has the chance, he wants to say a few words of gratitude when receiving awards too, let us anticipate!

Kyuhyun’s energy source comes from travelling!
Kyuhyun has a sister, and it can be said that the both of them are geniuses in the music world,and also have very high artistic attainments. Kyuhyun and his sister share a close relationship, his sister even uses addresses him as “son”! When his older sister has some problems, Kyuhyun would definitely be her number 1 listening ear, the best listener! When his sister is upset, he would joke around to make his sister smile, or send an sms to care about her. This makes his sister very grateful, thankful ro have this “son” (brother) to be by her side! Kyuhyun doesn’t need anyone to worry about him and is very independent. Everytime he travels to a another country, he would take some pictures and share it with the fans. He also went to Japan alone, and without much planning, carrying his luggage he went travelling unworriedly! Because cab fares in Japan is very expensive, Kyuhyun walked, and even when he did get lost, he would acknowledge it, but continue to sightsee! When he sees a scene he likes, he would ask a passer-by to help him take a photo. Of course, he would meet a few Korean tourists halfway, and they would be saying in low voices, “He looks like SJ’s Kyuhyun!” Afterwhich Kyuhyun would say, “Nice to meet you” and waved goodbye to them, making them shocked!

☼ I specifically and intentionally cut Kyuhyun’s part from
Source: YG Magazine, April 2010 Issue
Translation by: MondayRomance@sj-world.net
Proof-reading and editing by: fragment@sj-world.net


Based on the article, Kyuhyun is:
very diligent
a Mathlete; has high academic qualifications
fails at cooking
created the “Han River Noodles”
doesn’t know the difference between cooking oil and sesame oil
lost his chance at cooking Super Junior has forbidden him to do so
has a sharp tongue
frank; direct-to-the-point, thus feared by the members
very talented, famous in the music scene
a good listener; someone you can turn to
a sweet, lovable sibling
very humble
the maknae everyone loves oh-so-very dearly


♥ LEGS. 규, you should have seen mine last year, hahaha!!! *gets bricked*

OMG KYU, you should know that I have been caring for and loving you ever since I knew about your existence two years ago. There have been a lot of guys whom I knew and admired a lot but none of them ever took your place in my heart. To me, you are and forever will be my only 규-baby. ♥

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What you need to know

Updates March 26-March 30

March 26, 12 MN
I was watching HYD when I felt rashes on my nape; I thought they were “bungang araw”. After a while, I found spots on my forearms… I looked down to my legs, there were more. I had a lot on my cheeks too but they weren’t red. I drank an antihistamine and dozed off.

March 27
(AM) It was Mom’s scheduled check-up, a follow-up on her CT scan (liver). While we were waiting for our turn, she took some papers out and read each page carefully. The results on the last page shocked her. She read lesion, 9cm, and metastasis* She became so worried that she started to weep. I held back my tears. I wanted to believe that what she read to me were lies. The secretary called her in. I decided to stay outside; I was too scared to hear the truth.

It took a while before she came out and when she did, I saw her crying. My heart pounded, my tears flowed.  She told me she needs to undergo RFA (Radiofrequency ablation) and chemotherapy immediately after for the tumor to be removed.

(PM) We went to her Aunt’s place and called our Mama to tell her about Mom’s condition. We started crying all over again. Her aunt suggested that we visit this famous doctor named Ngelangel, for a second opinion. She wanted first to know what that mass is, how it came about – if it was connected to her previous breast CA or if it grew on its own. She suggested undergoing surgery for the removal since she thinks RFA can only remove masses up to 4cm in size only, and that maybe the doctors are only pushing it since it’s a new procedure.

*She has a degree in Nursing so she pretty knows what other scientific terms mean

March 28
(PM) Mom’s crying from time to time.I felt dizzy, I felt a bit sick.

March 29
(AM) I couldn’t focus on my work. A lot of things are bothering me, especially Mom’s condition. By noon time, Marketing Manager came in asking to do a layout needed asap. At this state, I thought, it’s impossible.

(PM) I left by 2:30PM where, before that, she asked for the layout already. Because I thought I had too much, I broke into tears. That’s the time when she let me go.

Pres. Arroyo’s doctor convinced my Mom to push through with the RFA to remove the tumor.

I spent 4 hours waiting for my name to be called. Okay, so I got in, second to the last. My chief complaint was my allergic rhinitis plus these red spots. She was shocked to see how many items I checked on the list of past sickness: asthma/allergic rhinitis, drug allergy, food allergy, etc. Anyway, the red spots are flu rashes. My immune system is currently at its lowest that’s why even these spots came out. Next was to check if I had sinusitis. She inserted 4 cotton buds (with long sticks), 2 per nostril without warning! OUCH!!! >.< two to three minutes after she took them out, this long, thin metal was next. It didn’t hurt as much as the first procedure. The third was somewhat like pumping air inside my nose repetitively. But the end result was good, I don’t have sinusitis.

So, I’m asked to watch out for the food I eat – no processed food, etc. Not allowed to go swimming. I should take an allergy test when I’m feeling better. She gave me new medications, hoping these would work. She also requested me to undergo various lab tests to check on my blood, my immune and endocrine system since I’m taking antihistamine almost every day, and my thyroid gland. Procedure? Blood extraction. Feeling ko sa second extraction mag-faint na akoO_O

March 30
Mom’s biopsy scheduled on Monday. i pray that it would be benign.

My dear friends, if it isn’t too much to ask… Please include my Mom, Marie Catherine in your prayers. I’d be forever grateful to you.

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